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About Us

Corsican has been manufacturing esteemed hand-forged wrought iron furniture for more than 50 years. A balance of design and durability together with the ability to customize to the clients' desire is the essence of Corsican Furniture. Interior Designers have found the ability to customize any aspect of an order, posing an incredible advantage over other manufacturers. Our work includes: barstools, beds, chairs, cribs, tables, and other furniture.

Our History

Corsican furniture Company Inc. was established over 50 years ago.

Marty Perfit, a native from Brooklyn, New York, decided to start a company creating the finest iron beds in the United States. While working for his father as a child, he was inspired by the beautiful pieces of furniture manufactured in a nearby factory. Realizing that furniture was his passion, he opened his first retail store in New York in the 1940s. Retail stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami followed. Soon after, Marty decided he wanted to create his own pieces and shift away from basic retail into a trade only business.

His vision was to build wrought iron furniture for interior designers by offering customized items based on the client’s specifications. While travelling through Europe, Marty’s wife, June, was immediately inspired by the Southern part of France with its elegance and beautiful, intricate furniture and decor. She wanted to name the company something that would continuously evoke that initial inspiration. And the name Corsican speaks to that original vision.

Corsican expanded from iron to brass in the late 1950s. The creation of a partner company, Swan Brass Beds, made Corsican one of the few companies offering real brass furniture , not just the standard plated brass. They specialized in creating different custom pieces using marble, onyx and floral decorated porcelain incorporated within the brass. In conjunction with the brass pieces, Corsican continued to offer its signature iron bed products. Currently, Corsican is one of the only few brass manufacturers left in the industry. Iron products still account for the majority of the production output.

As the years went by, Corsican became a world leader in offering unusual, unique finishes in a variety of colors. Corsican is one of the few innovators of those finishes that are still available today. All of Corsican’s pieces are painstakingly finished with over 100 color finish materials of which include hand applied textured or smooth finishes as well as a variety of powder coated finishes.

Excited by the prospect of infusing beauty and elegance throughout the home, Corsican decided to launch a Corsican Kids branch of the company at the turn of the millennium. Corsican’s line of high end bassinets, cribs, changing tables, and blanket holders enhance any nursery and are created with both safety and aesthetic in mind.

Until this day, Corsican has been based out of Los Angeles, manufacturing and expanding its handmade furniture catalog to include an eclectic array of vintage, traditional and even a growing collection of contemporary style furniture. We at Corsican are proud of our handcrafted design, service, and achievements as leaders in the industry. Our longtime repeat customers speak of their Corsican pieces as heirlooms, passed on through generations. Timelessness, elegance, and durability establish each piece as the perfect addition to any home.